Quality Assurance

City Cutting is committed to provide services that consistently meet the contractual requirements of all our customers. In support of this Quality Policy and in support of the clear guideline philosophy adopted by City Cutting ‘The Customer is always our first priority’.

As an Employer

As an Employer the company will encourage a positive culture towards Quality, provide the appropriate level of resources, involve employees in the decision- making processes, monitor and review Quality standards and strive for continual improvement.

As an Employee

As an Employee, you can be assured of a safe, secure and pleasant working environment. Your responsibilities to Quality are for you to constantly strive for improvement in your work and to continually place quality and safety in all you achieve.

  • We will not compromise on quality, since the continual improvement in quality brings a consequent increase in the satisfaction of our customers and the success of our company.
  • It is also our objective to enhance our Company’s reputation and capabilities in order to gain wider recognition in its field of expertise.
  • Customer Focus, by ensuring the company actively determine customer satisfaction and actively encourage development of new internal systems to improve efficiency in order to enhance fulfilment of customer delivery expectations.
  • The company shall ensure all employees will be provided with the appropriate training, tools, skills and motivation to meet or exceed the services of our customer needs.
  • Set measurable quality objectives at relevant functions and level within the organisation and to review the quality objectives at defined intervals, with the aim of continually improving the quality management system and the service to customers.
  • The recognition that to achieve these objectives, a genuine understanding of the present and future needs of our clients is essential, as is the need to ensure that the reasonable expectations of our clients are realised through the quality of services that we provide.
  • Provide a safe and suitable work environment as outlined in the Health and Safety Manual.
  • We shall establish and maintain an efficient and effective In House Quality System.
  • City Cutting will constantly monitor its quality performance through internal audit, management review and customer feedback and will continually strive to improve the service that we provide by implementing effective, corrective and preventive measures.
  • Suppliers will be monitored and assessed for their overall performance, quality of products, new and alternative product ranges and training in product innovations.