New Technology

  • Hydraulic Crunching is a particularly efficient method for reducing concrete to rubble without vibration or requiring water. Jaws are applied to the free or open edge of a concrete structure. Hydraulic power forces the jaws to close crushing the concrete. The process is repeated until the whole structure is removed.
  • Hydraulic Bursting: controlled fragmentation of variable size areas of concrete, either horizontally or vertically, with or without reinforcement.
  • Chemical Bursting: expanding grout is an alternative to hydraulic bursting and uses non-explosive chemical cracking agent which enables controlled fragmentation to be carried out with comparative accuracy. This process is also virtually silent and creates no vibration or fly rock.
  • Robotic Demolition: The ideal solution for most controlled robotic demolition projects is the use of remote controlled demolition machines. This specialist equipment allows the operator to remotely control the given task separate from the drilling or breaking action.