Environmental Policy

This company will seek to promote the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources and to minimise environmental pollution in all its own activities and, where possible, by its influence over others. This company will review all its policies, services and activities and act wherever necessary, to meet this commitment. The objective will be to minimise the environmental impact on all our operations. Consideration will be given to substitution of polluting substances with ‘greener’ alternatives wherever possible. Steps will be taken to minimise smoke, dust, noise, and vibration nuisance – the potential for which will be identified during the assessment process.

All waste-disposal shall be carried out by the registered carriers and removed to registered disposal sites. Documentation shall be held to demonstrate compliance with this. Wherever possible waste shall be recycled, reclaimed or reused. Liquid pollutants will not be allowed to enter water sources. This will require the specific instruction to control identified pollution risks. All liquid storage will be bunded wherever there is a risk.